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Blackened Paper


Want an absolutely complete guide on how to edit your photos in Lightroom? Learn about all the tools Lightroom has? Interested how to create your own cinematic style?

Want guidance on colors and consistency in your images on social media? No matter if you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, My Lightroom Masterclass will show you how to master your editing skills and techniques, and also help you to get a unique style of your own. I’ll be showing you and explain the tools you can use to edit your photography and create breathtaking images from any shooting scenario - join me to my Masterclass and learn how. you get a Lifetime access across all of your devices - watch anytime, anywhere.

Blackened Paper



This course is suitable for both novice and experienced photo editors. I will reveal my secrets for streamlining and organizing my Lightroom workflow to help you edit faster and stay competitive. Additionally, I will provide a comprehensive overview of all the capabilities of the Develop Panel, including various advanced methods for creating striking and visually pleasing photographs.

  • Maximizing Lightroom

  •  Becoming familiar with the library area

  •  Comprehensive examination of the Develop panel

  •  Learning how to use each too

  • l Tips for working quickly


During these sessions, I will be sharing step-by-step instructions for a wide range of image editing scenarios, including how I create my unique tones and cinematic effects seen in my portfolio. You will learn through detailed breakdowns of different images and a lesson on color theory, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how to handle any editing situation, whether it be on Lightroom Desktop or Mobile. The tutorials will cover a variety of topics , and you will learn specialized techniques to work on every types of images throughout the course.

  • Overview of color theory

  • Specific instruction for a diverse range of photography situations

  •  Explanations of different techniques for editing cinematic landscapes

  •  Instruction on editing techniques for low-light, portraits, wildlife, cityscapes, and commercial imagery

  •  In-depth guidance on how to edit an image from start to finish


I will reveal my tips for enhancing image sharpness and the methods I use for final adjustments. This session will cover all the information you need to know about maintaining color and style consistency throughout your portfolio to make you stand out from the competition. As an added bonus, the course includes a video tutorial on how to design your own Instagram story filter using Lightroom, allowing you to maintain your aesthetic even when posting on the go.

  • Optimizing export settings for image quality

  • Final editing and using Effects

  • Maintaining consistency across Instagram and portfolio

  •  Designing your own Instagram filter


The course material will be frequently updated with new tutorials and expansions as Lightroom evolves and I refine my techniques and styles, all of which will be included in your one-time purchase for lifetime access.

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