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The Complete Travel Pack consists of 30 presets that work with Adobe Lightroom on both desktop and mobile.


They were created to enhance different types of photography such as landscapes, portraits, lifestyle etc, using a distinct cinematic look. With just one click,


These presets can help you achieve the ideal look and balance to your photos.


Each filter contains a specific set of adjustments that alter the colors and visual information of an image, such as exposure, contrast, and blur.


These adjustments serve as a starting point for editing, but not every filter will work with every image, as each picture has unique colors and lighting.


Occasionally, minor adjustments may be required after applying a filter, while other times a filter may enhance the image with a single click.

What's included?




This pack contains 30 presets in total:

15 from the Everyday Pack:


  • 4 warm Presets
  • 4 Portrait Presets
  • 4 Eearth Presets
  • 3 Vibe Preasets
  • 15 Everyday Pack Presets to Mobile
  • 15 Landscapes Presets
  • 15 Complete Travel Pack Presets to Mobile
  • User Guide 


The presets can be used on Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile, as well as older versions of Lightroom. They also improve the quality of high ISO images.

Travel Pack



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